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FROM THE FIELD: providing hope for those living with HIV in Yemen

Dr Nasser Qassem Sami, the head of the ART site in Aden, Yemen, which provides care services and medicine to people living with HIV, by IOM/Majed M.

After conflict broke out in Yemen, the UN migration agency, IOM-supported specialized ART (Advances in Retroviral Therapy) clinic in Aden city was barely able to provide care for people living with AIDS.

This situation continued for nearly three years, until IOM received an urgent request to restore the site. Working with partners, the migration agency was able to rehabilitate the clinic with furniture, air conditioners, and information and communication technology (ICT) equipment and now people living with HIV are once again receiving care.

Find out more about ART Aden, and how it is improving the lives of people living with AIDS, here.

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