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More women police means ‘safer future for everyone’: Guterres

He delivered his message marking the first eve International Day of Police Cooperation, designated by the UN General Assembly during its 77th session. 

“Women’s participation promotes access to justice for all, including for victims of gender-based violence, who may be more likely to seek help from women officers”, said the UN chief. 

Women police officers play a crucial role across the full spectrum of policing, from crime prevention to criminal investigations, the protection of human rights, safety and security. 

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Community focus 

A police force that reflects the diversity of the community it serves, is better equipped to build trust and confidence, with clear benefits for safety and better service delivery. 

“Police must reflect the diverse societies they serve. The United Nations supports Member States in ensuring that women are equally represented in all functions, including as leaders, of the police workforce,” added Mr. Guterres. 

Gender equality

Transforming police organizations to become more gender-responsive requires improved understanding of the barriers which prevent women officers from full, equal, and meaningful participation.

“Together, let us promote cooperation, foster gender equality and build a safer future for everyone,” he concluded.

Marking the inaugural International Day and in recognition of the vital importance of women in policing, the UN is urging societies everywhere to embrace police reform so women can forge meaningful careers serving their communities under the rule of law.

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