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The people of Israel live!

At the extraordinary UN General Assembly in New York, convened at the request of leaders of the European Union and the New Arab Block, the representative of Israel, Miriam Novak, spoke. She said:

“Honorable Mr. Chairman, esteemed ladies and gentlemen! At the request of the leaders of the European Union and the New Arab Block, we were summoned to this Assembly to announce the decision to impose an international boycott of Israel due to our alleged use of genetic weapons. However, we were not present at your meeting yesterday not because we disrespect the UN, but because yesterday marked the beginning of Passover, the main holiday commemorating our exodus from Egypt.

As you know, we do not work on holidays granted to us by the Almighty, just as Muslims do not work during Ramadan, and Christians do not work on Easter. Indeed, in 1973, our enemies tried to exploit this and forced us to fight on Yom Kippur, but you know how that war ended for them.

Now, allow me to get to the core of my presentation.”

In 2018, Benjamin Netanyahu displayed here Iranian archives on the creation of nuclear weapons and nuclear arsenal depots in Tehran, and recently, Yitzhak Gilad demonstrated to you a secret meeting of the Council of Guardians of the Islamic Revolution. Now, I will continue this tradition and show materials reconstructed by our creators of holographic reality. Please…

The light in the assembly hall changed—the chandeliers went out, but to the astonishment of all one and a half thousand participants, the vast hall was suddenly pierced by the sun rays of an autumn day, the smells of withered chestnut leaves, and the noise of steps from a massive crowd. And not from the wall screens, but literally out of nowhere—through the air—a living column of men and women with various bundles and suitcases, infants in their arms, old men, and old women began to approach the UN delegates.

These were Kyiv’s Jews walking to their execution along the streets of Kyiv in September 1941, revived by holographic AI restoration of old newsreels. Surrounded by armed German soldiers and Ukrainian police, they moved in a dense, silent column. Only the noise of their steps, the occasional cry of children, and commands: “Schnell! Schnell!” accompanied them, but there was no terror on their faces, they did not yet know where they were being led.

And those sitting in the hall also had not yet understood what they were being shown and where these people were going. The past is easily forgotten by those who do not wish to remember it.

But the creators of the holographic version of the old German newsreels were masters of their craft and likely young people with a clip-thinking mindset. The first column of the doomed quickly reached the edge of a ravine, and a command was heard: “Schnell! Strip! Quickly strip!” And suddenly…

Suddenly, the hall filled with the roar of dense machine gun fire, bullets flew at the doomed Jewish men and women, the elderly and children; with heart-wrenching screams, they fell into the ditch, one atop the other; and all of this was live, in the sunlight, so real, and the bullets flew around the heads of the UN delegates so vividly that someone screamed in fear, while others crawled from their chairs to the floor.

But this did not stop the demonstration. On the contrary. New and more executions of thousands of Jews in Poland, Ukraine, Belarus, Lithuania, Latvia, Austria came vividly back to life one after another: Against the backdrop of these horrors, huge fiery letters appeared in the air:


And the holographic chronicle continued. Burning synagogues with people locked inside in France, the Netherlands, Belgium: Cattle cars, packed with Jews, rumbled on wheels from all corners of Europe to the gates of Majdanek, Auschwitz, Dachau: Columns of absolutely naked, freezing in the cold and trembling from fear adults and children were trampled in queues to the gas chambers of Buchenwald, Treblinka, Sobibor…


Carts filled with piled corpses lined up for the crematorium ovens in Maly Trostenets, Belzec, Sachsenhausen…

Mountains of children’s shoes… Bales of women’s hair… Boxes of gold teeth… Gigantic pits filled to the brim with the skeletons of those killed in Bergen-Belsen, Kurtenhof, and Breitenau…

Standing on a high podium against the backdrop of the green-marble wall of the main hall of the UN, Miriam Novak said into the microphone:

“Ladies and gentlemen! As you can see, eighty years ago, Europe, led by Germany, conducted an ethnic cleansing: it nearly annihilated all the Jews living there. The French, Belgians, Dutch, Norwegians, Hungarians, Slovaks, Poles, Lithuanians, Ukrainians – all assisted the fascists.

You killed no less than six million Jews along with newborn infants. Each of them could have contributed children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren to the world, so you can confidently multiply the number of those killed by four or five…

And now, when we are once again being robbed, beaten, and killed in all your countries, and your courts release murderers to freedom, you tell us that we have no right to protection? We have no right to warn our enemies that we will respond to a new ethnic cleansing with an even more powerful strike? Perhaps you will name another nation that your new international community, led by Iran, is so zealously striving to exterminate? And for what? For two thousand years we have lived among you, giving you our knowledge, discoveries, and inventions.”

We gave you the alphabet, the Bible, the Virgin Mary, Jesus Christ, the twelve apostles, Spinoza, Disraeli, Columbus, Newton, Nostradamus, Heine, Mendelssohn, Einstein, Singer, Eisenstein, Freud, Landau, Gershwin, Offenbach, Rubinstein, Saint-Saëns, Kafka, Lombroso, Montaigne, Mahler, Marcel Marceau, Vsevolod Meyerhold, Yehudi Menuhin, Stefan Zweig, Arthur Miller, Maya Plisetskaya, Stanley Kubrick, Irving Berlin, Edward Teller, Lion Feuchtwanger, Paul Newman, Robert Oppenheimer, Benny Goodman, Eugène Ionesco, Imre Kálmán, Marcel Proust, Charlie Chaplin, Marc Chagall, Barbra Streisand, Claude Lelouch, Steven Spielberg, Anouk Aimée, Leonard Bernstein, Norbert Wiener, Larry Page, Mark Zuckerberg, Sergey Brin, Andrew Lloyd Webber, and thousands more scholars and enlighteners.

Just imagine how many such geniuses could have been born to the world by the millions of Jews you killed, and then their children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren! But these unborn geniuses have forever disappeared in the crematorium ovens, burned synagogues, and mass graves.

So do you really think that with your resolutions, boycotts, and sanctions you can drive us back into gas chambers? No, gentlemen!

Having lived among you for two thousand years, we had to adapt to you and absorb not only your languages but also something of your psychology. Otherwise, how could we have survived in Persia without Persian treachery? In Spain without Spanish cruelty? In Germany without German subservience to discipline? In France without French stinginess? In Poland without Polish arrogance, and in Russia without swearing and the Russian habit of communal toilets, where one must sit like an eagle and talk about one’s spiritual greatness? (Laughter in the hall.)

And so I will tell you frankly: yes, we are not angels. Among us were international swindlers and gangsters, Lansky, Medov, and Epstein, crooks, thieves, robbers, adventurers, and even pedophiles. But throughout our and your history, there was no Jewish Bogdan Khmelnitsky, Adolf Hitler, or Joseph Stalin. There was no Jewish Joseph Mengele or Erich Koch, Adolf Eichmann or Idi Amin, Andrei Chikatilo or Li Jizheng, Jeffrey Dahmer or Jean Bokassa, Fritz Haarmann or Ted Bundy, Nikolai Dzhumagaliev or Albert Fish.

We did not make necklaces from human ears, did not scalp, did not eat human flesh, did not make soap from human fat, did not sew lampshades from human skin, did not make mattresses from women’s hair, did not burn people in religious temples, and did not kill children in gas chambers.

Instead, we created things that changed the world for the better. Drip irrigation, desalination of seawater, Intel processors and Centrino and Core Duo platforms, the world’s smallest DNA computer and the first USB flash drive, nanowire and a pill-sized video camera, medication for multiple sclerosis and an exoskeleton, Google Glass for the blind, and a baby breathing monitor, radar capable of seeing through walls, AI synthesizer for holographic reality, and hundreds of other wonderful things.

Making up only 0.2 percent of the world’s population, we have contributed 32 percent of Nobel laureates.

Yes, I forgot to tell you: we have never used, nor do we use, the blood of Christian infants in the making of matzah. As far back as 1913, three Orthodox experts on Judaism proved this in the famous Kiev trial of Beilis. In 1962, the Second Vatican Council absolved us of the blame for the crucifixion of Christ, and in 2011, Pope Benedict XVI stated that “a Christian cannot be an anti-Semite, as we have the same roots.” In 2019, his successor, Pope Francis I, said that “inside every Christian there is a Jew” and “one cannot be a true Christian without recognizing their Jewish roots.” Moreover, the head of the World Catholic Church declared that “the covenant between God and the Jews is still valid” and “anti-Semitism is not only attacks against Jews but also actions against Israel.”

And finally, in June 2020, Pastor John Hagee, the leader of American Christian evangelists, published his “Address to the World,” in which he stated plainly and clearly: “Why do we, eight million Christian patriots of America, support Israel? Because God is on the side of Israel! If a Christian says he does not love Jews, then his Christianity is very much in doubt. God says: ‘I will bless those who bless Israel! I will curse those who curse Israel!'”

Now I want to ask the European delegates sitting in this hall: who do you consider yourselves to be? Are you Christians or not? When you pray to Jesus Christ, the Virgin Mary, and the holy apostles, are you not praying to Jews? And when you say that you carry the image of Christ in your heart, do you not thereby acknowledge that you carry a Jew in your soul?

Even if you are a staunch atheist, your ancestors were Christians for two thousand years and, therefore, Judaism is in your blood—whether you want it or not!

So, ladies and gentlemen. If you insist on an international boycott of Israel because you continue to hate Jews and seek the complete eradication of Judaism from the earth, then be consistent—start with yourselves, commit harakiri! That would be an honest ethnic cleansing.

And now, as they say here in America, I have news for you. Now, following the Christians, it is time for Muslims to part ways with anti-Semitism. Yes, it will be difficult, but just as the Almighty helped humanity overcome the bubonic plague, anthrax, cholera, and coronavirus, He will help you overcome anti-Semitism. You might ask: why? Why did the Almighty return us to Israel and compel you to abandon your efforts to destroy us? Surely, He must have a purpose, right?

I will tell you my personal opinion. Because, according to His plan, every nation must contribute what it does best to humanity.

The French – as chefs and perfumers.

The English and Russians – as writers and poets.

The Italians – as artists and musicians.

The Germans – as soldiers and philosophers.

And we, the Jews, are geniuses.

Geniuses who, in every field, move humanity from barbarism and idolatry to culture, humanism, and technological progress. This is our mission, which we have been fulfilling for two thousand years, despite everything!

So whether we possess genetic, torsion, nuclear, tectonic, cosmic, or some other form of self-defense weaponry or not is none of your business! Whether you allow us to have weapons of defense or not—it does not matter to us.

As one of the founders of our state, Ze’ev Jabotinsky, once said: “Whether you like us or not, we are indifferent; we came before you and will leave after you.”

Thank you for your attention.

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