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UN chief appeals to Bolivian parties to ensure credible elections as President Evo Morales resigns

“Secretary-General remains deeply concerned about the situation in Bolivia and takes note of recent developments, including the resignation of President Evo Morales,” said a statement issued by a UN spokesperson. 
Urging all parties to refrain from violence, reduce tension and exercise maximum restraint, the UN chief called on all actors to abide by international law, notably fundamental human rights principles. 
“The Secretary-General also appeals to all actors to commit to achieving a peaceful resolution of the current crisis and to ensuring transparent and credible elections,” the statement concluded. 

President Morales’ resignation was preceded by several weeks of mass protests that began after the opposition and some civic movements denounced alleged fraud in a 20 October presidential vote in favor of Mr. Morales, which would have given him a fourth consecutive term. 

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