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UN envoy commends successful conclusion of Guinea-Bissau presidential election

Former Prime Minister Umaro Sissoco Embaló was on Wednesday declared the winner of a run-off vote held on 29 December, beating rival Domingos Simões Pereira, another ex-Prime Minister. 

UN Special Representative Mohamed Ibn Chambas praised the successful conduct of the poll and the peaceful atmosphere throughout the process. 

“The Special Representative commends the two candidates for their magnanimity and grace in accepting the results, and urges all party supporters to continue to show maturity and exercise restraint in the post-election period”, according to a statement issued on Wednesday following his three-day visit to the country. 

“The Special Representative congratulates the Electoral Commission for the exemplary conduct of the electoral process which marks an important step forward in Guinea-Bissau’s democratic development.” 

Mr. Ibn Chambas underlined the UN’s commitment to Guinea-Bissau as the country continues efforts towards consolidating peace and development. 

The President-elect, a former army general, obtained nearly 54 per cent of the votes, according to media reports. 

Mr. Simões Pereira, the ruling party candidate, received more than 40 per cent of votes in the first round held in November and just over 46 per cent in the run-off on Sunday. 

He reportedly will contest the results. 

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