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Venezuelan President Maduro proposes new UN fund to support countries facing discrimination

Addressing the General Assembly’s high-level general debate, via a pre-recorded video, President Nicolás Maduro Moros also urged the adoption of a “legally binding international instrument on development and the right to development, which will strengthen the struggle of peoples to overcome poverty and social inequalities and for social justice.” 

The Venezuelan leader decried that more than $30,000 billion dollars have been taken from his country, “frozen and held in bank accounts” in the United States and Europe. 

“Likewise, any company or government that commercializes any good or service with our country be food, medicine, fuel, additives needed to produce gasoline – which our people need – etc., is being persecuted.” 

He reiterated that Venezuela is resisting the “offensive of criminal, inhumane aggression”, adding that overcoming the blockade by the US Government “battle for peace, for our homeland, for the region, for humanity.” 

Path towards national reconciliation 

President Maduro went on to note that his country continued to build a path towards national reconciliation, understanding that peace deserves all efforts and we will not cease. Towards that end, a series of measures have been adopted to benefit and guarantee democracy in Venezuela. 

He also informed the General Assembly the parliamentary elections in will be held in Venezuela on 6 December 2020, with the participation of more than 14,400 candidates, from more than 107 political organizations from the entire national ideological spectrum. 

“In Venezuela, I can tell you, there are all the necessary guarantees to hold the parliamentary elections and that is why we have invited the world to join us, to be witnesses of a living democracy,” added the Venezuelan leader. 

COVID-19 an opportunity for paradigm change 

In his address, the President of Venezuela said that the global coronavirus pandemic has offered an opportunity to reflect on and promote the change of paradigms. 

“The COVID-19 pandemic has come to change the realities and priorities of all humanity, because of its consequences for human life,” he said, adding that the pandemic has made evident the inequalities in the world and exacerbated them, with some contingency measures increasing social and economic gaps within countries. 

“That is why the international community, as a whole, must provide a global and coordinated response to support all nations in need, helping to create the conditions for stronger economies and more inclusive societies,” President Maduro underlined. 

In its fight against the disease, Venezuela has made a “titanic effort” with its own capacities, he declared, noting that in addition to the solidarity and cooperation of friendly countries and the UN System, “we have avoided the worst, despite the plans, prognoses and catastrophic wishes of those who attack us.”  

“Neither the illegal blockade, nor the aggressions against our Government have distracted us and prevented us from fulfilling a great effort: the goal of protecting the lives of our population,” said the Venezuelan leader. 


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