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Young Champions of the Earth: Indian’s burning desire for energy

Vidyut Mohan has been named as a UNEP Young Champion of the Earth for 2020., by UNEP

Vidyut Mohan has pioneered a portable machine which burns agricultural waste without releasing harmful greenhouse gasses into the atmosphere turning it into charcoal and fertilizer which can be used by farmers in India.

Farmers have traditionally burnt waste in their fields which not only pollutes the atmosphere worsening health conditions like asthma and heart disease but also contributes to climate change by releasing tiny particles of black carbon into the atmosphere.

Vidyut Mohan is one of seven innovators recognized, on Tuesday,  as United Nations Environment Programme’s (UNEP) Young Champions of the Earth for 2020.

UN News will be profiling more of the 2020 Young Champions of the Earth later this month.

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