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FROM THE FIELD: Solar energy powers COVID-19 treatment

A technician checks solar panels on the roof of the Medical Stores Limited warehouse in downtown Lusaka, Zambia., by UNDP/Karin Schermbucker

Formerly dependent on costly and polluting diesel generators, which often do not provide sufficient electricity, over 900 health facilities, mainly in Sub-Saharan  Africa, have been provided with equipment such as solar rooftops and batteries. It has given them access to clean, affordable and reliable electricity, while saving money which can be re-invested in health services.

The health facilities benefiting from the UN Development Programme-supported Solar for Health initiative are making a positive contribution to the vaccine rollouts in their countries: COVID-19 vaccines need to be stored securely at low temperatures, something that can only be achieved where there is a low risk of power cuts.

Read more here about how vulnerable communities are staying healthier thanks to solar technologies. 

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